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Callum Cooper : Full circle

20 March 2012 • Motion Design• Views: 68

There must be at least one person in this world who has already dreamed to be a skipping rope.

Speaking of that, British film maker Callum Cooper had the crazy idea of hanging a mini camera on a rope to give the viewer the impression of being placed exactly where the rope is and shifts in space on every jump.
We can say that the result is pretty outstanding thanks to the fluency of the sequence of images, but also to the excellent job made by John Kassab as a sound artist. Advice to those who get vertigo easily, it’s better for you to watch the SINK and SWIM Video instead of the main one.

It is interesting to know that the Full Circle video was originally shot as a fashion film to create the buzz in favor of new London / Melbourne label Klezinski.

His website:



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