The V4 house from MK27 architects: Sao Paulo

21 March 2012 • Design



« I wanted to give it the spirit of an old residence where time has passed and there are so many stories to tell », says Marcio Kogan, paulistano architect and head of the studio MK27.
Along with Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan is one of the most respected and sought-after architects working in Brazil and abroad.

His buildings are recognizable with the straight lines, neutral tones and spatial wideness.

The 600 sq m of residence V4, which four years to built, consists of just one large living room with three open areas, two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. There is also an outdoor kitchen for barbecues, a gym and a small basement with a laundry and service room. The team from studio MK27 has handled interior design as well.


Photographer: Nelson Kon





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