Design the new Business

27 March 2012 • Design

The film Design the new Business, produced by Erik Roscam Abbing and Robert Zwamborn, is dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are working together in new ways to solve the wicked problems facing business today. Through interviews with educational experts, inspiring design consultants and industry leaders from companies such as Volkswagen, Intel and Philips, the 38-minute long movie triggers good discussions around the theme of new ways of doing business, and the role of design approaches therein.

“managing complexity is one of the huge opportunities of our time” Rich Radka (Co-Funder at ClaroPartners)

The film makers are 6 students from the Master in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft in The Netherlands : Erik van Bergen, Esra Gokgoz, Gunjan Singh, Juan David Martin, Marta Ferreira de Sá, Miguel Melgarejo.


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