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Fred Le Chevalier: Street Artist

Nobody escapes, it is everywhere we look the cross every day, at any time, be it in the street, the subway, on wasteland, stores, sidewalks. It has never been present, I speak of course of Street Art but difficult to put the name of an artist on each piece as it is carried out.

Of all these players movement is collages with simple and elegant characters that recur regularly. I’ve met the first time in the 20th arrondissement of the capital, a popular area where the marker tags and aerosol bomb mingle with the poetry and elegance of these posters.

These drawings are made ​​and pasted from two and a half years by a Parisian street artist named Fred Le Chevalier.

He created illustrations marker gouache endearing and mysterious in a childish style on posters then glue it on the walls of Paris.

Ephemeral works that multiplies for some time and are a delight for lovers of street art neighborhoods victims of his collages.

street art
Fred Le Chevalier 2
Fred Le Chevalier 6
Fred Le Chevalier 4
Fred Le Chevalier 7
sreet art
sreet art
Fred Le Chevalier 12
sreet art
Fred Le Chevalier 1
Fred Le Chevalier 17
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4 commentaires

  1. MARIE says:

    Déjà rencontré au hasard de la blogo, j’aime beaucoup l’idée… de toutes façons je suis fan de l’art qui s’expose dans la rue, gratuit pour tous !…

  2. Fred Le Chevalier says:

    Merci beaucoup…

  3. Paul says:

    Message : Parisien admirateur aimerait rencontrer Fred le Chevalier pour un original …

  4. eric says:

    eric de Verson cherche à joindre Frédo

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